Meet the Board

Paul AdamsPaul Adams Jr.

MFA President and CEO   

With over 25 years experience in the IT industry and as the Senior Systems Engineer at Arizona Onsite Computer Service, Paul has gracefully taken on the opportunity and desire to be the President & CEO of The Meningitis Foundation of America.  Paul enjoys a challenge in any endeavor that he undertakes. Paul is highly experienced in the areas of strategic planning, innovation, accountability, team building and customer satisfaction.

Caroline PetrieCaroline L. Petrie

MFA National Secretary and CFO  

Facilitating the headquarters of MFA in El Mirage, Arizona and its operations spread across the U.S., Caroline Petrie came to the Meningitis Foundation of America with years of medical, administrative, customer service experience and as an ordained minister. Caroline became involved in meningitis advocacy through her interest in needs, policy and resources for disabled communities and rare diseases. Working along side the organizations leaders, Caroline has a vast understanding of meningitis and it effects. On the day to day basis, Caroline is at the forefront of the MFA filtering communications with patients, medical professional and media relations.

AlexanderAlexander James Flatley

Board Member and Champion Fundraiser

I know that I am so lucky to be here to share my story, and I hope that by sharing my experience I can make a difference. I lost a friend to Meningitis two years ago. I want everyone to be able to recognize the symptoms, and get help early. Let’s come together to bring awareness, research, and the availability of the Meningitis B-Strain vaccine to the United States. The vaccine that is currently given in the United States does not cover the Meningitis B-Strain. This is a disease that is affecting more and more college students and people every year, and it’s time to come together and put an end to it once and for all.  Please help us start the journey, and donate today.